German VEGANuary: Learn Basic German in 3 Weeks (Jan 9 – 30, 2023)


German VEGANuary: Learn basic German skills in 3 weeks (vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation) based on real-life situations and in a vegan environment!

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German VEGANuary:
Learn Basic German in 3 Weeks
(Jan 9 – 30, 2023)

  • Have you been wanting to learn German for a while?
  • Have you been putting it off for just as long?

»»» Then our German VEGANuary is perfect for you! 


Start the new year off right and learn basic German skills in 3 weeks in a fun and all vegan learning environment online.

Our proven, hands-on teaching method focuses on conversational abilities from day 1.

Based on real-life situations and conversations we will be learning vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling. Additionally, we will

By the end of this course you will have an understanding of basic grammar, spelling and pronunciation rules and will be able to have basic conversations in German.


Why German VEGANuary?

ANASHA Sprachschule is a vegan business and as such a member of the Ethical Globe Community. We are committed to sharing our vegan philosophy while teaching the beautiful German language. All learning materials and topics are focused on respect for all living beings and our planet. We are dedicated to teaching you a cruelty-free version of the German language and culture!

German VEGANuary: Kickstart your German in 2023

3 classes per week over a 3-week period

Over the course of 3 weeks we will be covering basic grammar, spelling and pronunciation in 1-hour lessons 3 times per week.

We will meet Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from Jan 9 – 30, 2023.

Classes will be held online from 11:00 – 12:00 (CET – Berlin time).

If you are in different timezone: Don’t worry!

All sessions will be recorded so you can catch the replays if you can’t make it to the class live.


€111 plus your time and motivation!



German VEGANuary is for you, if: 

  • You are vegan and want to learn German in a vegan environment
  • You’ve been wanting to learn German for a while but have been putting it off for just as long
  • You need to learn basic German skills very quickly
    (e.g.for a trip, for work, for an acting job, to impress someone)
  • You believe – just like Oscar Wilde did – that life is too short to learn German (we’ll show you otherwise)
  • You enjoy language learning and German is yet on your list of languages to master
  • You just want to try something out of your comfort zone while having fun


REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL January 8, 2023 – spaces are limited!

Join us now by purchasing the product through the buttons at the top of this page!


German VEGANuary 2023


ANASHA Sprachschule specializes in conversation, writing and phonetics classes.
Please check out our complete offer on our website and join our Facebook community Plauderstündchen.

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