💪 Fitness training for your pronunciation

Did you know that over 100 muscles are involved when we speak? Which of them we use and how we use them differs from language to language. That’s why targeted muscle training for correct pronunciation is just as important as grammar and vocabulary when learning a foreign language.

Does any of this sound familiar…

🤔 The German umlauts torture you?
😱 CH / ST / SCH drive you crazy?
😞 Your R just doesn’t want to sound right?

⛑ Don’t worry – we’re here to help you!

Join our Phonetics-Fitness-Club!

In the Phonetics-Fitness-Club, we work specifically on improving your German pronunciation. We practice difficult sounds and words together as a group; in addition, each participant receives individual feedback and the topic of intonation as well as everyday language is also taken into consideration.

When and where do we practice?

Online on Zoom.
Whether you want to work on your pronunciation only once in a while or regularly and intensively, we have a fitting solution for all needs.

Registration is now closed. We are currently not enrolling new members.

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