Free eBook: Das kleine 1×1 des Schreibens

Grundlagen zum Verfassen von Briefen und E-Mails auf Deutsch. 

Das kleine 1×1 des Schreibens is a writing aid for German learners covering general writing rules and explanations. Topics include: :

  • Basic writing rules
  • Punctiation
  • Comma rules
  • Abbreviations
  • “Building blocks” for letters
  • Email etiquette
  • Structuring a letter of complaint
  • Wording for resignation / termination letters

Das 1×1 des Schreibens

Online writing course

  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Investment: €147
  • Levels: from B1
  • Where: online
  • Times: individual / at your own pace
How it works

Over a period of 4 weeks we continuously learn the basics of writing letters and emails in German. We cover different topics, some of which could also be relevant for German proficiency tests.

What’s covered

Week 1: Basic rules of writing

Week 2: Punctuation, comma rules and abbreviations

Week 3: Letter building blocks and politeness in e-mails

Week 4: Writing letters of complaint and notices of termination

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